March 10, 2014

'Driving' is a cool game to play because it requires you focus on it LITERALLY EVERY SECOND YOU'RE PLAYING, and even though a tiny mistake can kill you instantly, the game is so incredibly boring it can ACTUALLY LULL YOU INTO SLEEP.

Man, I was so psyched for iOS 7.1, because I thought it was the return of the list view in the calendar (rather than having to go through the search icon, and keep up the blank search.) But I got the screenshots backwards; the new icon just lets you see what events are on the currently selected day in the month view, and you can't even do a "blank" search to get a continual list.

Basically, too many calendar programs cater to people whose schedules are always jampacked, and ignore people just want easy visual scanning of a more sparse set of things to remember.

I might go back to using Savvy App's "Agenda".
Why am I seeing so may references to Kale this past 24 hours?
George Zimmerman might be the first person to leverage killing an unarmed teenager into celebrity-autograph status

jQuery UI is the Ask Toolbar of jQuery.