March 28, 2014

This morning's links for moderates and liberals to cluck their tongues - why is it the Republicans who are against the "chilling effect" requesting parties disclose possible financial conflicts in the data they're relying on to help make policy decisions?
And one more reason to be against the death penalty is that we do is so badly and inhumanely. (The execution of our executions leaves much to be desired.)
It's this kind of thing that always made me think most religions are pretty arbitrary... with so many faiths, with mutually incompatible explanations of what's Out There -- it's more of a problem if you think one has to be literally true, and not just poetically so.

I don't understand why people have audible ring tones. If I can't feel the phone vibrate, I'm not wearing pants. If I'm not wearing pants, I'm not taking calls.