May 13, 2014

Just had a dream about the Passion of the Christ being re-enacted with bottles of fruit juice by Android-phone enthusiasts. Pontius Pilate was played by a bottle of premium Cranberry Juice.
Learning to Pole Dance: Expectation vs Reality made me laugh, out loud, twice, so I'm reposting it here.

the planet doesn't care if we die

My Zero G flight video:

"Let me ask you something -- do you ever get the sense that your wife feels that she could have done better?"
"God no. Nah, She's the luckiest woman on earth. I mean, if anything, I could have done better. The noises that come out of that woman at night? It's like she's that black guy from Police Academy."
[Phone Chimes] "Oh, speak of the devil... message from my wife, not the black guy from Police Academy. Oh that'd be so awesome."
"Yeah, that'd be neat."
Modern Famliy

Jolly Time 100-calorie Kettle Corn packs are much better than the Orville Redenbacher's. FWIW.