June 25, 2014

"Do not suffer life to stagnate; it will grow muddy for want of motion: commit yourself again to the current of the world."
Samuel Johnson.
Henry Hitchings' book "Defining the World" describes Samuel Johnson's post-Dictionary life thus: "
The Johnson of legend is Johnson the pensioner, free to ramble, idle and adventure, to travel with Boswell and Hebrides and sleep on hay in his riding coat, to try hunting (which he did not enjoy) and impersonating a kangaroo (which he did), to 'have a frisk' with his much younger friends and dine on veal pie with plums and sugar, to investigate ghosts, to teach himself Dutch, and to laugh uninhibitedly 'like a rhinocerous'.

TIL (well, last Saturday); cars these days are smarter than my 10 year old Scion, and keep the power for the radio and windows on until you open the door.