October 7, 2014

http://what-if.xkcd.com/114/ An xkcd "What if" mentioned "The Earth sweeps up space dust as it travels around its orbit. About 100 tons of dust per day enters the atmosphere in the form of tiny grains". I'm not sure if my finding that fact so startling says more about my failure to grasp how much is in "empty" space or how big the Earth is.
A crick in the neck is such a pain in the neck.

Seriously, when you walk around with your head tilted down a bit because it's less uncomfortable - it really does a number on your mood, that weird feedback loop of mood to expression of mood to mood.
Huh! Black background screens are rougher on people with astigmatism, which may explain why they went out of style... (besides early-Mac-like dark-on-light just seeming hipper than all that 8-bit and DOS stuff, and more like print.)

I've never really felt the appeal of hipster grey-background code editors, and the way some Samsung phones default to black backgrounds for messages seems tacky and annoying to me. (Also, very light text on very dark backgrounds leaves dancing after-images in my eyes- back when web sites used that a lot, I used to do a quick "select all" just to make the text more readable.)