ultimate mix tape

November 5, 2014
My favorite personal tech site Lost in Mobile is running a Ultimate Mix Tape competition. Here's what I sent in to Shaun, webmaster, and music judge:

My ultimate mix has two sides,
attack side and regroup side
the final song on each kind of leads to the other group

Plus a bonus song, the titular kirk's best song in the world,
the one he's obligated to dance to each time he hears it,
if only for a little head snake.

attack side
  1. Chameleon - Maynard Ferguson
  2. All The Rowboats - Regina Spektor
  3. Might Like You Better - Amanda Blank
  4. Super Holla Tricka - Beastie Boys vs Gwen Stefani vs aSkillz Krafty Kuts
  5. Cool As I Am - Dar Williams
regroup side
  1. Buildings & Bridges - Ani Difranco
  2. As It Comes - The Exploding Voids
  3. Concrete Wall - Zee Avi
  4. Tenderness - Paul Simon
  5. It's Your Thing - Isley Brothers
bonus track
  1. Groove is in the Heart - Deee-Lite
It's pretty eclectic, but maybe you'll hear something you dig.
25 of the best photos of Mohammed Ali. I like that the commentary talks about what works and doesn't for each photo.