animal advent ala emberley day 23

December 23, 2014

Seems like 2014 was a pretty good year for videos of people doing things: - I did a run down of all the techie stuff I did just for the launching page of my advent calendar...
A few years ago I guess I wrote these, than totally forgot about them:

I saw mommy shaking Santa Claus' hand / but in a meaningful way

Jingle bells / jingle bells / jingle at least most of the way

Frosty / the Snowman / was inert

Rudolph / the damp-nosed reindeer / had a rather damp nose

Bittersweet contentment to the world!

O the weather outside is frightful / I hope the g*****n furnace guy gets here soon

I'm dreaming / of a ... Christmas / without so many wolves in it

Silent night / shut up.

It came upon the midnight overcast

I'll be home for Christmas / that's what "house arrest" means