December 29, 2014

from Ben Mordecai on the Quora What should every person be knowledgeable about or be proficient in by the age of 20?:
  1. How to cook 10 good meals
  2. How to dress like an adult and not a teenager
  3. How to get enough sleep on a daily basis
  4. How to manage your tasks, projects, and calendars so that you never miss a date or forget anything important.
  5. How to read 100 pages in a day with the same comprehension you would experience if they were spoken to you.
  6. How to relate to the opposite sex without objectifying them or being afraid of them.
  7. How to break arbitrary addictions: soda, Facebook, TV, video games, tobacco
  8. How to pay bills on time and not spend more than you can afford
  9. How to be comfortable in your own skin, without constant need of affirmation, showing off, sounding smart, whatever.
So I figure I'm somewhere around 6 1/2 out of 9. Anyway, I like this list better than Heinlein's "Specialization is for Insects" litany.

Related, from Basic Instructions How to Take Stock of Your Life:
"You've made mistakes, and people have suffered for it, but you've never deliberately hurt anyone."
"That's true. I always mean well."
"If there were a classification for what you are in Dungeons and Dragons, it'd be something like 'incompetent good.'"