January 27, 2015

Snow measured in dogs, excellent.

Dear Washington Post:

Your usage of "wicked" as an adjective ("Wicked Storm") is incorrect. In the New England vernacular, "Wicked" is generally only used as adverb modifying some other descriptor (e.g. "Wicked bad cold" or more an exclamation such as "That's wicked cool!"). Used directly as an adjective, "wicked" resorts to its more common meaning (e.g. "Your wicked ways")

The expression you were looking for was "Wicked Big Storm".

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

I set out to talk about my Atari 2600 programming weekend on my devblog, but got distracted talking about my 2002-2004 Atari project JoustPong. Reading the game's own development blog, I'm struck by how many challenges I overcame to get the thing produced - and also the poignancy of how those dates (not quite coincidentally) correspond to the bookends of my marriage.