February 3, 2015

the perfect video game 'feel' requires the ever-increasing imaginative and physical involvement of the player to stop somewhere short of full bodily immersion. After all, a sense of pleasurable control implies some modicum of separation: you are apart from what you are controlling.
Salen and Zimmerman (via Jones and Thiruvathukal "Codename Revolution: The Nintendo Wii Platform")
Welcome to the Information Superhighway! A land of beauty! A land of science! Philosophy! Architecture! Fan fiction! Everything you see, from the water to the leaves are made from sweet free flowing information. See if you can catch some information on your tongue! Of course . . . the whole place was abandoned years ago. This must be all that's left.
World of Goo (ibid.)
FWIW, I also made a few notes about the book in my devblog...