March 18, 2015

Hmm, I'm surprised "Have you tried 'not saying things'" has no google juice, nor "Have you considered 'not saying things'" (without being followed by 'that') I thought it was advice I heard in the form of a quote somewhere, and is a suggestion I'm trying to apply right now.

I think my inner child is reluctant to give up any chance to say something that shows off, and/or that might miss "increasing his value among others by being a source of 'interesting' points". On the one hand that's obviously a flawed or at least incomplete strategy. On the other, I have to get over my fear that someone how mending my ways is not being true to myself. Today I realized that if one has a need for a small amount of graph paper, and one has access to the Internet and a stocked printer, one no longer has a need for a small amount of graph paper.