April 11, 2015

I'm not saying I have a James Harvey "problem" but I just got my wooden (!) iPhone case with a custom Alien Bill commission he did as a sweetener on our collaboration, to go with my "Sgt Pepperella" Tyvek wallet I had custom printed the other month. (And I had that same Alien Bill printed up on large ( 30" x 21") canvas for a blank piece of bedroom wall I ran into.)
The wooden (maple) case is pretty keen. It's warm, relative to the plastic one (imporinted my other James Harvey Alien Bill, see http://alienbill.com/ ) and along with the nice smooth black rubber edges it has a terrific organic heft to it. I don't think I laid it out perfectly; I wanted to get the "Alien Bill" text at the bottom, but the text is too hard too see, so the visual balance isn't quite right, a bit high. Still, I dig it.

It also means you have an excuse for not tidying away your reference books, a consideration not to be lightly cast aside in this office, where books are used as bookmarks for other books.
Terry Pratchett

All the child proofing in the world won't stop your toddler from running straight into the wall.