May 1, 2015

The surpreme court gets ugly on the death penalty. What a mess. Alito basically blaming the lawyer for executed Charles Warner (his last words "my body is on fire") for the scarcity of reliable execution drugs is the height of class from a wicked classy agenda laden judge.
A little late but my friend Sam made this card of 15,000 exclamation marks for my 15K Day (but then she left it on the printer...)

Highlights include baby chicks on the 4th, sQ's 20th anniversary on the 11th, a roasting lamb on the 12th, John McEnroe serving on the 22nd, a 15K Day cake by Liz on the 25th and Bellringers at the MFA on the 26th
'That Google Chrome "what tab is being noisy?" speaker icon should function as a mute button.' -- My first significant bit of reddit juice. Funny thing is someone posted that this feature is a part of chrome, but has to be especially enabled.