May 7, 2015

Arlington bike cops pulling over bicyclists for red light stuff, the corner of Lake Street and Mass Ave... Not sure I'm crazy about my tax dollars at work like that. Those lights seem ridiculously stupidly timed even for cars. Lots of gas and time wasted. People have dark thoughts that it's kept that way as a revenue source for the town.

I dunno, I suppose my opinions aren't very well formed, and it feels like wiser minds than mine have argued over if it really makes sense for bicycles to be treated so much closer to automobiles than pedestrians. Yeah, there's that sense of "bike privilege" that some motorists seem to resent bitterly, but to me it seems like if you're on a bike, most physical threats are to your person, but if you're in a car you're less of a threat to yourself and more of a threat to everyone around you, and using common sense over "it's got wheels, it must be a full on vehicle" black/white thinking makes sense.
Thoughts on Deflategate, not that anyone asked:
1. My feeling is that the Patriots are in like the upper quartile of pushing rule boundaries, but are hardly unique with what went on with Spygate or Deflategate. I mean, Aaron Rodgers confessed to OVERINFLATING the balls for his games. Other teams got busted for taping as well.
2. Those texts are also kind of funny. But they also indicate that the refs were OVERinflating the balls, way above the NFL's own regulations. What's up with that? (Kudos that the released transcripts wern't edited to leave that part out.)
3. Neener neener neener. Patriots are great, your guys suck, our team YAY your team BOO.