atlantic city

June 17, 2015
Went with my Aunt and her friend to Atlantic City. I don't really get gaming, so I puttered off on my own.

I checked out the Ripley's Believe It Or Not place, that led off with this 13-foot-high Hulk statue (they had an Optimus Prime as well):

The interior had a touch orientalism and maybe racism, but also some true moments of surprise and delight... a Tibetan Skull bowl split the difference.

I had a wicked classy T-shirt custom pressed:

Steel Pier is pretty cool...

I went on this thing:

Finally, the trip home was well-timed:
"I have yet to come across anyone who admires virtue as much as sexual attractiveness."
Just found out about "Preterism", the idea that the stuff in Revelation happened along with the destruction of the Temple in 70CE.

It's kind of a weird idea, and possibly a twist of a plain reading of the books, but I've heard weirder and twistier.