june 2015 new music playlist

July 9, 2015
June was pretty decent for new music for me. If you check out nothing else, look at Super Spice Bros 2. Hip Hop / Electronic: Indie and Country: Funk and Instrumental:
via Gizmodo, housing values across the USA. I love how this looks like a beating heart energized by where people want to live.

Fascinating post-exit interview with a "Blue Man". We've gotten kind of used to them, but they've really assembled an amazing thing.
In defense of "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. That was a fun show.
"dont say 'man up' say 'level up' because video games are cooler than gender binary"
2019 update: I think 'power up' would maybe be better. though ambiguous, a bit. 'use a power up'?
SO IT TURNS OUT Crown Royal on the rocks is kind of gross but Crown Royal neat alternating with Skinny Cow Chocolate Truffle popsicles is sort of awesome. WHO KNEW???