July 15, 2015

This Amazon Prime Day thing is a bit underwhelming. I think the problem is people (ok, maybe especially people who have the luxury of not sweating most prices too much) are already use to the wacky disconnects between "Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price" and Amazon will charge 'em, or the prices variations you can get from different Amazon affiliates, or even aware of the obnoxious algorithmic flex pricing where different Amazon users might get offered different prices, or even variations at different times. So a big row of "X% offs!" might not be such an appeal.

Then there's the "offer expires" timer feature... I imagine this cranks up the excitement for some folks, but for others it just feels manipulative...
For future self-reference, "Manna" is the story about a future dystopia or utopia based on a fastfood automation being extended to take over the world... (Not Leonard Richardson's Mallory which is about video games) http://marshallbrain.com/manna1.htm