October 18, 2015

Random language question: less sexist term of "sitting behind a table" (like on a convention floor) than "manning the table"? "watching" is the best I've come up with (but only because of what I could thank Liz​ for doing yesterday so I could check out the rest of the show) I googled two guides to gender neutral language, but no-one suggests a generalized term for "being a human taking care of something", just case specific terms like "answering the phones", "operating the space shuttle"....
The other day I found this link with a lot of peer-reviewed studies (which I still with a great big grain of salt) about the neurological differences between the brains of people who lean liberal and those who lean conservative. Some of feels like "just so" stories and I don't think any single study proves a whole lot, but taken as a group it's kind of interesting.
Tinder is a turn-based strategy game, and nightclubs are real-time strategy games