November 30, 2015

Ah the feel of newly washed jeans - the snugness inadvertently reminding so many of us that we aren't quite as thin as we'd like to be.
I prefer this article's original title, The First GI Joe/Cobra intramural football game was stupider than you can possibly imagine. Made me laugh.
Ah, the old problem of how to arrange stuff for an advent calendar. I have 5 pieces I rate as "good", 10 "better" and 10 "best"(and 4 across the groups are explicitly holiday themed, unlike the other things). Build up and up to a super strong finish? Front load the good stuff? Decision decisions.
I've switched to using Safari on my work machine for lunch hour stuff. Its location bar isn't as smart as chrome's, so I end up getting the Google headlines on international soccer a lot, since "fa" is enough for Chrome but not Safari to jump to "fa"cebook. #uxfail
North Carolina as the hotbed of religous terrorists in this country I'm keeping this like around for the next time someone argues all the religious terrorists are Islamic.