February 2, 2016

Aw jeez. Cruz is a "sweet lovin' son of a preacher man" too? Dammit. Lets hope this doesn't get out.
January 2016 One Second Everyday

Besides the usual "lots of music", I liked the aquarium in the 9th and the slow motion water bubbler on the 30th.
Obama fortifying East to deter Putin. This doesn't feel like a good idea to me, just feeding into Russia's paranoia about our possible intentions on offense.
How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off Intriguing.... besides obvious possible suggestions for my friends-with-kids, I think about how much I love the concept of "JUST MAKE A GAME DO IT NOW NOW NOW" of http://glorioustrainwrecks.com/ . I gotta get back to that site.