February 17, 2016

Heh, a video of 101 Character Mario Kart
20 People Who Accidentally Dressed Like Something Else I enjoyed this collection.
A while back James Harvey posted a reposting of his own rant, and it stuck with me - useful when people argue against team productions as being less than single person artistry (coming up on a discussion about Kanye West now)

A photo of Geddy Lee (lead vocalist, bassist, and keyboardist for "Rush") being assigned the quote
I play bass, and sing all while playing keyboards with my hands and feet, tell me more about Beyonce's 'artistry'
JH's retort:
Well, she's written a massive string of top ten hits and she can sing and dance her ass off like you never, ever could, motherfucker. Whoop-de-doo, you can play the piano with your feet. Do you really think the only artists who deserve respect are circus freaks like you, who spent their whole life learning a party trick that impresses no-one but complete and utter rubes? You probably think the One Man Band man in the park is the greatest artist of the 21st century. Are we going to pretend this isn't about your latent misogyny or are you gonna get back on your conservative shitwagon and get the fuck out of here"
(I do not think the first quote was authentic)
Good advice...