February 27, 2016

On my dev blog, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Tab Bars.
6 profane seconds - "i laugh harder every time i replay it"
Trump and the art of going meta. This short-fingered freak is frighteningly adept. I listened to about 5 minutes of the debate, and was amazed at how Cruz and Rubio let him sound humanistic and rational as they try to paint him as a lefty for defending a "Democrat" line like "not letting people die in the street" - though I guess that says more about how Cruz and Rubio read what it means to be a Republican. He's as Teflon as Reagan, in terms of the idea that he'll pander and say anything (having totally revamped his views to be a total suckup over the years) is not sticking to him, even though it's completely obvious to anyone who hasn't drunk down the kool-aid.
And his promise/threat to "open up the libel laws" is some scary-ass Putin/Berlusconi type stuff... stuff the Republican base has been primed to run with, 'cause of how gosh darn biased the MM (mainstream media) is.
There's an old saying: Tragedy is a close up. Comedy is a long shot.
(that link is cued to that point in the presentation - they back their points so well.)
Simone Giertz makes the best robots