February 29, 2016

i <3 leap day.
I spent the bulk of last week sick, with a low grade fever and congestion. Saturday night I felt surprisingly miserable and the fever seemed as high as ever, but maybe that was some kind of last hurrah because Sunday I felt pretty decent and didn't run a temperature all day, so I'll use the old "fever end plus 24 hours" guideline, WFH today, go to band tonight.
Still based on my coworkers (here and in other cities) seems like a lot of icky stuff has been going around.
If Trump by some god-forsaken anti-miracle somehow wins it alI want to be able to vote Stuart/Colbert in 2020.
Every four years I feel like "I'm not doing enough for leap day!"

Today: a resolution! I've been really good at keeping up with a digitial todo list for- yikes, like 20 odd years almost... first on PalmPilots, then on iPhone. Lately (as in for like the the last 7 or 8 years) I've been using Appigo Todo. My pile of "due or overdue" - the stuff that shows up on the home screen icon - hovers around 20, give or take 5. And that's too much.

Historically I've resented Appigo's conflation of "things that I could start working on now" with "things that are actually due" (also I hate the sophomoric assumption that the more overdue stuff something is, the higher the urgency is (as shown in its order in a list) when in reality the opposite is generally true - if something has slid for a month, it can probably slide for another week, while something that was due yesterday might actually be pressing!)

But now I think I should embrace that conflation, so here's my resolution: touch EVERY due thing on my todo list, every day. Ideally, make a smidge - or a smudge - or a swoosh - of progress on it, but if nothing else, just bump it to tomorrow (or even beyond, if that makes sense.)
I know that everyone was psyched about getting Morgan Freeman's voice on Waze but saying "in .1 miles - at the roundabout - take the second exit - for freedom" is a bit much