March 17, 2016

Last night I played at Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville... they're trying to improve their zoning situation, though last night's hearing got postponed we had a mini-rally anyway.

Man, it's tough to look cool playing a tuba. Never sure of the best place to put my other hand. (and at one point I'm sneaking in a Second of the Day...) Still, some great footage.
Irvin D. Yalom's "When Nietzsche Wept", spoken by the title character:
Dying is hard. I've always felt the final reward of the dead is to die no more!
The enemies of truth are not lies, but convictions!
Maybe, Josef, Living safely is dangerous. Dangerous and deadly.
I've always believed, Josef, that we are more in love with desire than with the desired!
A very solid book, I think it's a great introduction to Nietzsche's view of the world, especially as lived through his own suffering, as well as early psychotherapy.