May 18, 2016

Albert Camus is known to most as an existential writer and philosopher. But to me, he was much more. To me, Camus was the best damn table magician that ever lived. When I watched Albert handle a deck of cards, roll a franc across his fingers, or vanish a Gauloise, it didn't bother me that we were living in a random, godless universe. As a matter of fact, I liked it.
Penn Jillette, "Kamus, King of Cards"

Kind of hip to be in 2 of the 10 Bands to Checkout at Somerville Porchfest (w/ Rev Dave at Porch-i-oke, and School of Honk) - now if I can successfully help the Somerville Art Council to keep their map site alive through the day I'll have a three part triumph.
Delightful Robot Heist puzzle game that I helped playtest.
when you feel sad just remember that the English language has a dedicated verb for sending people links to a Rick Astley music video