September 4, 2016

It's disturbing how integrated this for native speakers of English, and how unconscious we are about it... do other languages have similar?? We can say "the big yellow house" but not "the yellow big house"

I'm trying to think if there's any metameaning to those categories in that order, or if it's just learned by example? It seems so detailed for people to just absorb...
Question: even in new apartments, why are power outlets universally vertically aligned? Most large wall plugs hang down - and not just the newish Apple things, but even those old black "wall warts" Ataris used. If they were side by side (but with the plugs still aligned vertically) it would be a much better use of space... is there a technical reason, like people would rather avoid a horizontal cutout in the wall or something?

Followup: posing this question on FB got some ok answers... one thought is (I think) these things are often mounted in studs, and the spacing between studs wouldn't work well in "landscape" mode, so to speak. Also, when the positives, negatives, and grounds are lined up all parallel, it's easier wiring in the box itself.
Little boys and girls (like age 6) doing human tractor pull of 440 lb John Deere tractors. #westernMAlife

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