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November 14, 2016
Sunday evening, reflection of the towers off the wet patio deck as we went to grab a quick dinner.
Bus to Penang!
Campbell House is this beautiful colonial style place in Chinatown.
View from the window.
Scientific evidence suggests every photo in South East Asia looks better with a scooter in it.
We're 3 floors up in the loft- odd cross beam in the middle of it, but great.
Cage in a cage.
Pull rope, flor hauling luggage I think.
Remove shoes. No smoking. No Durians. We sampled some Durian ice cream the other day... you can taste the stinky!
George Town is famous for its street art and we took in many pieces of it - there's a series of Welded Iron Wall Caricatures that tell bits of very local history on various streets. Not always so PC, but pretty cool.
Like a lot of island places, they hace a knack for color.
So today we're heading out exploring on our own.
Oh, hipsters.
Kapitan Keling Mosque.
Yap Kongsi Temple
You could rent tourist bikes. Again with the colors!
Street art.
Street art behind K-Bab street food.
This looks a lot like Melissa's kitty Dean. Note the mouse in the top left.
Funky furniture.
This "Awesome Canteen" had some cool trees inside.
The signage on the outside had some nice wabi sabi.
Melissa enjoys the coconut.
Scooters and shrine.
Next on a whim we ducked into a little tourist thing called "Phantamania" - hall of mirrors!
After the hall of mirrors you'd meet up with a guide who uses your camera to take wacky optical illusion shots...
So Many Melissa.
Melissa is always saying my cranium is a bit inflated.
Melissa is impressed that here, snow castle = wonderland. In New England, outside of the movie Frozen, it's misery.
Nice confluence of cars and building.
Famous Street Art
I noticed red and blue pipes in many places... come to think of it that might be inflow/outflow not hot/cold.
That is some tree! I mean I think it's a tree. (later we found out it's a kind of precursor to the Palm....)
This about expresses the ratio of cycles and scooters to bicycles.
We went into the Pinang Peranakan Mansion, the feng-shui crafted house built by a figure high in the secret society underworld...
The house had a courtyard that was open to the sky- rain represents money/fortune so you want to let it in.
Great relxed guide explained Peranakan Chinese / Baba-Nyonya culture, the kind of Chinese Malay fusion.
Music box! Had a giant disk to play its one song .
Conversation chair. (I've seen a similar design in the business class section of some airlines.)
Old camera...
We were joined by an English pair of sisters and Portugese tourists, 2 men and a woman.
So I liked how the camera had a mirror built-in! Kind of like a selfie but it took half an hour and someone else had to operate the camera
There was an adjoining family shrine, still used for homage.
I liked this style of art outside the kitchen.
Clever stool tipped to be come a (low) high chair.I liked this style of art outside the kitchen.
More of that art in the kitchen.
Pot with... crawfish?
Wrap around sunglasses
Buddha with money for wishing.
I like the pixel-like nature of the beadwork shoes.
500,000 beads in this wedding table cover, they say...
Even the toilets are fancy!
Jade (?) table.
Back outside, I liked this street art.
More wire art.
Another Hindu temple.
I assume this was a purposeful rock garden, otuside the Prangin Mall where we were going to meet our food tour guide.
The mall was surprisingly large! Well, maybe not large so much as tall.
Our guide Kevin took the two of us to lots of places, picking a wide range of foods and pointing out lots of neat stuff
Mini-tour of the Clan Jetties, at super low-tide, I imagine because of the supermoon.
We had so many foods! I had Kevin write 'em down: 1. Cendol, A. Laksa 2. lorbak, prawn fritters, tofu fritters, umbrella fritters, Chinese New Year fritters, 3. Chinese Bun, Appom 4. Curry noodle, Chu Key Teow (?), Poh Niab, Satay, BBQ Chicken wing 5. Dosa Tissue, Pulled Tea. Oh yeah, that warm nutmeg drink tastes just like warm flat coca-cola, Kevin pointed out to us.
Some of the street vendors
The Dosa came in a little tent. kevin recommended this view.
So much Pringles diversity! Original, Hot + Spicy, Pizza, Salt+Seaweed, Zesty Lime + Chili, and Cheesy Cheese.
For 8 Ringyat, or $2- 2 bottles of water, 2 bottle of coke zero, 2 seaweed snack, , and some super glue to try and fix a shoe.

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