January 29, 2017

Quotes via "Dangerous Visions", a seminal sci-fi story collection edited by Harlan Ellison:
He speaks, thinks, lives in the present tensely.
Philip José Farmer

There is nothing as ridiculous as the verbal outpourings of a young poet in love. Outrageously exaggerated. I laugh. But I am also touched. Old as I am, I remember my first loves, the fire, the torrents of words, lightning-sheathed, ache-winged. Dear lasses, most of you are dead; the rest, withered. I blow you a kiss. --Grandpa
Philip José Farmer, in "Riders of the Purple Wage"

The first forty years of life give us the text: the next thirty supply the commentary

"Oh-h-h... bitchballs," growled Bux, his anger visibly deflating. "Buggerly bangin' bumpin' *bitch*balls."
--Theodore Sturgeon "If All Men Were Brothers, Would You Let One Marry Your Sister?"

I said, 'Well, how about that.' It's the one phrase I know that can be said any time about anything.