February 7, 2017


--from the bootleg game "Mario 3: Around the World" for the Sega Genesis" via SupperMarioBroth. These screens were much more hip than the gameplay video suggests.
Hate to rain on your parade, Patriots fans, so we're going to go with a wintry mix.
God of Weather, apparently.

New weblog entry, about an old blog about a designer horrified at an interview at "X10.com". In thinking about how webdesign has changed over the years, I was trying to remember the URL for http://fabianburghardt.de/webolution/ with a neat time slider for trends over the decades, but I also found a brief history of web design for designers outlining some of the biggest trends.
Also... my startpage kirkzilla circa 2001 vs now. So funny that I had my own homebrew webmail for a while, til it got swamped by Spam.
That liberal guilt feel when you realize how much happier you are dealing with a lot of January "at least you don't have to shovel rain" vs what the snow accumulation might otherwise be to this point.