a brassy mother's day

Happy Mothers Day!

I had weird, fever-y nightmares last night, dark and cyberpunk-ish.

There were these side-by-side black-on-black two dimensional maze squares, menacing integrated circuits magnified for human inspection, full of activity like an isometric ant farm.

But they weren't circuits, they were logical and contractual pathways being tweaked and restructured as the two entities jostled for an advantage, looking for loopholes, trying to trap the other in non-stop competition.

Somehow it was desperately important for me to understand the proceedings, but I couldn't; by design they were beyond simple human summary. They were relics of a dark world where everyone was given the advice of "make sure you have one of those virtual advocate programs fighting in your side!" So I was feverishly (literally) running this fool's errand, trying to work it out.

Later, dreams shifted gears, and I saw the connection between those contractual labyrinths and softer human/computer interactions, like when people would check in with four square or whatever, or little "earn virtual currency for logging in every day!" type stuff, and Amazon-Echo style virtual assistants.

RIP MP3 the article links to a weirdly ghostly of "what audio (and video) is lost to compression" of Tom's Diner (the acoustic original not the club version) - I managed to find the minimalist video the ghostly video is shadowing- hadn't seen that before.

I guess audio compression doesn't bother me unless blatantly horrific, in the same way my eyes don't feel better or worse using a Retina vs a Non-Retina screen; it's the kind of nuance I just don't have a knack for picking up.

Blender of Love

I don't dig this lingering intermittent moderate fever but damn if I don't enjoy getting everything quantified via digital thermometers. It's gamification for feeling like crap!