July 11, 2017

Saw this poster in the "Propaganda" section of Steven Heller's "100 Ideas that Changed Graphic Design".

I realized that the brute was wielding a club... a Kultur club, and briefly wondered if that meant the band name was a play on that. Probably not, but I'm surprised how many analyses assume the inscription refers to the target and not the weapon. Judging by a November 8, 1914 NY Times editorial, they get that wrong:
Current discussion of the worth of German culture has been almost hopelessly clouded by the fact that when a German speaks of Kultur he means an entirely different thing from what a Latin or Briton means by culture. Kultur means the organized efficiency of a nation in the broadest sense -- its successful achievement in civil and military administration, industry, commerce, finance, and in a quite secondary way in scholarship, letters, and art.
Anyway, quite the image! I guess you could say racist?
Evil B, thinking of you. (No, not concerning the above poster, yeesh)