July 13, 2017

Happy 1.5 Billion Seconds Unix!!!!! (In this time zone, that's Thursday July 13, 2017 22:40:00 (pm) ) You can find out similar stuff about yourself at TimeToy
This, here," Rat said, indicating another giant piece of wooden furniture, "is a free-standing Fluchtzbesser turntable. Inside that wooden cabinet is an eleven-hundred-pound piece of granite. Yes, sir, this is about the finest hi-fi ever assembled in the city of Baconburg."
"And it only has the one speaker?" Winston Bongo asked. Rat gave Winston a sideways look.
"Stereo is for sissies," she said.
Daniel Pinkwater, "The Snarkout Boys & The Avocado of Death". Also, I thought this was a fine description of a Kiwi: "We had Chinese gooseberries, which I had never seen before. They're fuzzy brown on the outside, and about the size of an egg. Inside they're green and taste somewhere between a banana and a lime. I liked them." I didn't not realize they were once called "Chinese gooseberries".

So for crimes, first degree is the most severe, but for burns, it's the least severe.

Sigh, language.
Should be a great August for Boston traffic