August 28, 2017

"Hope is a fine thing, but it don't gurgle none when you pour it out of a bottle."
The Old Soak as channeled by Don Marquis.
The book, half a lamenting of prohibition and the old salloon culture, half poems on a similar theme, was kind of like a Will Rogers take on his Archy and Mehitabel stuff (Archy and Mehitabel were of my favorite sets of poems when I was in high school, Archy the cockroach throwing himself with all his cockroach might to transcribe the tales of Mehitabel the cat...) I also liked the verse
The fool will give his life to booze,
The wiser man taboos that,
And I'm a sad Budweiser man
Than when I used to ooze that.

Odd side effect to not being very judgmental: you end up with friends who get annoyed by some of your other friends, so making various friend permutations can become fraught, and you end up looking for a Rodney King-esque "Can't We All Just Get Along?".