October 16, 2017

Latest decluttering thought: WaPo on the upcoming book "The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning."

A few of her tips: Don't start with your photos, as you'll get bogged down in your memories and never accomplish anything. Make sure you keep a book of passwords for your heirs. Give away nice things you don't want as gifts, such as china or table linens or books, as opposed to buying new items. Keep a separate box of things that matter only to you, and label it to be tossed upon your death. It's okay to keep a beloved stuffed animal or two.

It reminds me of the thought that Kondo's "Life Changing Magic of TIdying up had a bit of a death wish.

It also reminds me of this Donald Hall poem and then a quote from Laura Miller:

Aging well is largely a process of recognizing what you don't need to worry about, one thing at a time, until, presumably, you winnow it down to life itself and find you can easily let that go too.

Kiko Alonso took an afternoon stroll with a Falcons receiver over his shoulder this is beautiful