November 15, 2017

Everyone assumes they are the sperm that made it to the egg. Nobody assumes they were the egg all along.
Huh. That kind of resonates for me - is that asymmetry true for a lot of people? Is it more true for dudes? Definitely feels like there might be a sexist undercoat there. Also a shade of the old Yin (feminine/passive) Yang (masculine/active), which can be hella problematic when used as a role model for modern society. I get the feeling people feel affiliation for the faster and seemingly more action-packed journey of the young sperm cell, vs the slower travel for the egg that has been there since the mother's time in the womb. A lot of metaphors spring to mind, but again I think trouble arises with the temptation of attributing truth and guidance because of the "it's just nature!" parallels.
If you don't find farts funny then you're a loser because you're choosing to have less joy in your life but the exact same amount of farts
I find you can replace "farts" with many things in your life and it still kind of works!