November 25, 2017

Anyone see the movie "Arrival" (right now free on Amazon Prime, Melissa and I watched tonight) and/or read the story it's based on ("Story of Your Life" - I reread after watching the movie...)
Interesting to see the differences between the two, the IMDB for trivia for it has a bullet list of differences.

The short story is a little more clear that free will is still true for us, even with foreknowledge of how things will unfold. The movie is maybe a bit more ambiguous; Louise chooses to have a child despite seeing that child's early death. Or does she still choose to go that path because of the delight that is there despite the loss? Or does she choose to have a child because she knows she's going to have a child (shades of Neo breaking the vase in the Oracle's kitchen...) Or, given the way that universe works, can she even choose not to? Anyway, all 4 possibilities float in the movie, but the last 2 are pretty much downplayed in the original story.