December 1, 2017

September, October, November, all of Fall in 1:30 (or so) - pretty good one. If the format drives you nuts or bores you, skip to the end for Melissa's take on getting ready for the holidays... lots of protests, band (as always), and a fair chunk of halloween...

Oof guess Friday isn't much better for MacOS Calendar:

The amount of horseshit being crammed into this "tax bill" is fucking amazing. Scribbled notes on the margin? Sure why not. Want to put in a definition of unborn child? Yeah that's fucking relevant!
Like, maybe you didn't like the ACA? Maybe even that there was some unseemly political games to let it squeak by? But at least it was what it was, and political capital was spent to let it happen. This absolute fucking nonsense of "oh politics says this big ass bill will pass, we'll gone shove it through (even past the republicans who give a damn about deficits and the fact we can't even wait for the numbers from the CBO which are gonna show what a craptastic notion is) so since we're gonna make it happen by christmas, lets give ourselves all the christmas presents we can!"
Garbage. Shame on you Republicans, you're so damn gerrymandered that half of you can only lose to tea party nutjobs in the primaries, so any hope of making politics mean any kind of finding common ground is lost.