December 13, 2017

I gave some money for Doug Jones in Alabama, but jeez, their data science team must have really dialed into "pleading whining desperation" for the their subject lines - "Kirk - please?" / "Are you online, Kirk?" / "Do not ignore [from Doug Jones]" / "We're PLEADING Kirk" and then my favorite, after I gave, from "FINAL CONFIRMATION": "Please confirm: Kirk Israel wants Roy Moore to lose?" (Oh, actually I remembered the text as "Please confirm: Kirk Israel wants Doug Jones to lose?" which would have been even more insufferable.)
Sibilant Snakelikes - exploring different game options with the basic "Snake" mechanic. Shadow of the Coloussus and Sensible Soccer were especially sssssmart!
Cool, animators brought to life the original Ralph McQuarrie art for The Star Wars - I think someone made a comic adaption of the original outlines too, but seeing things come to life is a trip.