December 16, 2017

Here are seven words the CDC has been told it's not allowed to use: Here's two more words: FUCK TRUMP.

Here are some more words: take your reality-denying list and shove it up your Orwellian ass.

People who argue the Democrats are more prone to "political correct speech" etc? Fuck off. This is the god damn CDC - public health is one of the cornerstones of what civilization does to make life better, and you saying "reality-based" is verboten? You screaming sons of bitches.
UPDATE: Semi-legit attempt to see it from "their" side... I guess it's all like "Well NASA should stick to space only because all this earth science stuff hurts our tender belief system, and CDC should still to germies and cooties because we're so VERY VERY sensitive"

Still, this is unacceptable.