December 19, 2017

I like pills for the same reason that I prefer liquor to wine: gin and whisky are chemistry, carefully formulated and distilled to create a single repeatable experiment in intoxication, the same precise flavor and effect across the brand, bottle after bottle, glass after glass. Wine, on the other hand, is like religion. It's mysterious. Sometimes literally opaque. And there are too many kinds of it. You never really know if a particular wine is good or bad, you just have to take it, on faith, from some judge-y wine priest, an initiate to its mysteries. And wine is also like religion because the people that REALLY get into it tend to be fucking unbearable.
John Hodgman, "Vacationland"

Best skeptical twitter thread on the latest UFO hubbabaloo.
To quote Marsha Appling-Nunez (friend from church back in Cleveland): Out with the old and in with the new! Euclid Mall was where my sisters and I along with friends, and a boyfriend hung out, shopped, ate, and even worked those famous Salvation Army kettles. #EuclidSquareMall Welcome #Amazon.

Man, tough to see, even though it's been on the outs for a long time.
My part of the country usually said "N.E.S." not "Ness", and now I'm hearing SNES pronounced as one word ("Sness") on podcasts and youtube and it's kind of freaking me out.