December 27, 2017

Finished up "Blaster Master Zero" last night, a Switch remake of the NES original - thoughtfully modernized, and without the hockey-stick difficulty curve of the original's last level. The tank based rolling and jumping sections - jump, then press back to check your inertia and stop from rolling off the next platform - remains one of the most satisfying bit of physics in all 2D gaming.

Also, the Switch with its "play the same game on a TV or a mini-tablet-with-thumbsticks" is pure genius - I wonder how powerful it is? Mario Odyssey was so impressive, but could it play, say, GTA5? If not, that means it's not as powerful as a 12-year-old Xbox 360 (But also reinforces my idea that the 2001 GameCube was the time when Nintendo got enough power to do most of the games it wanted to make, and 360/PS3 for everyone else, since we had all those PS3/PS4, 360/Xbox One dual ports.)
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