February 5, 2018

Given that I've always been a bit of a fair weather fan, and that it's my original hometown that one, I'm not too distraught about the Patriots/Eagles... but the way Gronk and Brandin Cooks got helmet-to-helmeted in back to back games... I really do wish the sport was played by robots like in the arcade game Cyberball 2072... I mean, "has a cannon for an arm" shouldn't have to be figurative.
Yesterday Melissa pointed out that at some point Apple iPhone added an optional "return to last camera mode" setting for the built-in iOS Camera app - very useful for people like me trying to grab spontaneous shots for "One Second Everyday"
Things Philly Pholk did after the Eagles won. Yeesh.
Dow Jones taking a cue from Bitcoin?
Our upcoming nearterm future of faceswapping videos... Jokes on them at least for people like me who are a bit face blind (at least face myopic) Nicolas Cage in that shot? Sure, whatever you say.