February 7, 2018

Quincy Jones, a towering figure who is now WAY beyond having any craps to give about what anyone thinks, recently gave an amazing interview - rambling from his thoughts on musical artistry to race and political secrets. Sounds like this joint production / video didn't quite live up to his standards, but I really liked it (always a fan of mashups)

Also, he has a few Stories for GQ....

Trump's Hair: Republican in the front, dreams of a lost playboy youth and virility that can never be regained and must be guarded with a facade of bluster and piss-colored thread on the sides, skinhead in the back.
I'd love to see a close reading of "Storage Wars". Between the probability of ginned-up rooms, the silent tragic stories implicit in so many of the abandonings, the so-often-idiotic, so-often-devious machinations of the regulars (conveniently coded as archetypes in the opening credits) the visceral build and release of the gambling aspect, and the weird way the show takes the people's word for the street value of so much of the junk (I mean it's really tough to actually SELL crap, right? Ebay has made everything a buyer's market.)