February 9, 2018

I like the UK Magazine "Retro Gamer", I pick it up from Micro Center every once in a while. Two games mentioned in the latest issue I looked at... Caving for BBC Micro is a variant on the old SF-Cave game - hard to get a feel for the physics from the video but I like the way it draws the bumblebee-like path.

And then I'm intrigued with a Sega half-court 3p-on-3 game I hadn't heard of, "Hard Dunk":

The angle isn't one I'd seen before for this kind of game, but the magazine says the gameplay is a bit crap...

Lifehack: Pretend You're Good at It. It's like an effective placebo for real life!

Sort of like making the Dunning–Kruger effect work for you. Sadly for people who value realistic self-appraisal, underestimating your own limitations is a great strategy (see: our current president.)

(As David Brooks said, "'Know thyself,' the Greek sage advised. But of course this is nonsense. Truly happy people live by the maxim 'Overrate thyself.' [...] Each of these people is a god of self-esteem, dwelling on a private Olympus.")
Our 71-year-old President with an approval rating well below 50% is throwing a parade for himself, but please tell me more about how millennials all want 'participation trophies'.