April 8, 2018

Was trying to think of my view that "Ok, there is Objective Truth, but it gets into Gödel Theorem territory (that in any usefully complex truth system, there will be true statements you can't actually PROVE in that system) and so you can never KNOW if you KNOW what that Truth is, and it is desperately important that you fight anyone who claims they CAN be certain about the perfectness and universality of their connection to the truth" in terms of certain pop-culture statements. In this case, it's ... antifaith. (And it has a very troubled relation with the idea of "well so we make our own Truth", because if you stray too far from that guessable Objective Truth, that's clearly bad.)

Long story short (or at least medium-length), this tattoo idea: "ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE MY POOR LIFE DECISIONS".