May 4, 2018

TIL: "helicopter" isn't heli + copter, it comes from helico (spiral) + pter (wing, ala pterodactyl)
I am getting so frustrated with the low quality of iPhones voice to text transcription. Probably Never enough to make me switch, but boy is it annoying... I can say the word quote to put a " there butwhat do I say to end the quote? we are barely at the Atari 2600 level of voice interface...
People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.

On FB my college roommate Rob pointed me to this guide to Siri/voice-to-text "markup" commands
Heh, CarGurus is #1 largest car shopping website in the USA. Not bad for a site that is so hard to pronounce :-D It's nice being with a company doing so great - (though honestly it's not the tech that's winning the battle, it's being more on the side of the car buyers)