May 10, 2018

"Nothing comes to my desk that is perfectly solvable. Otherwise, someone else would have solved it. So you wind up dealing with probabilities. Any given decision you make you'll wind up with a 30 to 40 percent chance that it isn't going to work. You have to own that and feel comfortable with the way you made the decision. You can't be paralyzed by the fact it might not work out."
Obama talking to Vanity Fair's Michael Lewis,
via The Atlantic's longish article The Presidency Is Too Big to Succeed, how expectations for the office, along with the supporting infrastructure and how Congress has ceded so much power, make true success impossible.

Still I think Obama's point is true for many of us in the trenches as well. Challenges are- duh- challenging, and most truly easy things will have already been dealt with.

Good lord Facebook, what kind of short attention span theater is Kirk's April Moments? "Hey kids, remember April? Man! Seems like just yesterday! Or at least, 10 days before yesterday"
The Boston Public Library has digitized all their M.C. Escher prints:
Man, did books of his stuff leave a big impression on me as a teen.