Cm add(4)

On FB Elio wrote
Is it weird that I have a favorite guitar chord. Or more specifically is it weird that my favorite chord is the open fourth position version of D sharp diminished minor7th?
I wrote back
Tuba players don't have so much use for chord, but by far my favorite piano chord (which honestly I tend to use as a high percussion sound, with the tonic below as a bass drum) is the first three notes of the blues scale, which is "Cm add(4)" according to this chord-namer page
The ScalesChords site has a set of interesting tools.
Good description of issues in "Fixed Mindset" (the left)
I do wish I had less Fixed Mindset. My only problem with this chart is that it makes kind of yes/no; in reality it's a bit of a spectrum... any learner's potential isn't unlimited, at some point it's delusional to think you have infinite potential. (Also, one way improvement in real differs from this idea and, say, leveling up in video games is that backsliding is very, very possible.)

Also, practice needs to have a feedback loop, ideally with an independent and wise mentor, otherwise you might just be getting better at doing it wrong.

Still, it would be great if I had better intuition for the joy of getting better, rather than just the knack of finding interesting low-hanging fruit and sure wins.