June 30, 2018

Over the years, I have spent so much on touch screen devices, thinking "Now THIS is what will let me reach my real (meager) digital doodle potential"... most recently, a "normal" size iPad, the cheapest one that comes with support for the Apple Pencil. (Mini would be my preferred size, but this ain't bad) Anyway, testing to find out what doodle programs I can best get along with, and after a brief dalliance with "Procreate" I'm back to the (Pro version, now) of Lucky Clan's Art Studio.

Anyway, a practice panel.

Young Astronauts in Love is my favorite of all the (mostly "24 Hour") comics I link from alienbill

I think the trick for me might be zoom way out to do the first rough outline - my natural doodle format runs small - and then do it over zoomed in.

I'm under few illusions about my level of talent. It has a sort of style is the best you can say of it, and I can usually get what I want to express across, more or less. I've never put in the work to learn it right- I think the studio art classes were a dead end, in the sense of, it's one thing to practice drawing precisely what's in front of you (and important to learn not to draw your brain's iconized version of it) but quite another to know enough anatomy etc to do a decent illustration from scratch...