July 9, 2018

I didn't realize until today that 'Weird' Al was a parody of normal ('Norm' Al). I'm 31 years old.

"You can tell when a film was made by how its hero handles a hat. Actors from a hat generation tend to take off their hats on the appropriate occasions, and if they don't, there's usually an implication, like an implication of purpose."
"Whenever an actor from a hat generation sets his hat on a table or a chair, he does so with the crown facing down, so as not to bend the brim. Whenever an actor sets his hat brim down, crown up, I can tell he's from a no-hat generation, I can tell he's young, and I get depressed. I don't like being reminded that an actor's an actor."

Via work Slack, Lara Hogan on First One on One Questions
Is it impossible to imagine a loud noise so well that it hurts your ears?
My comment on this tumblr post (I hardly ever comment on tumblr)
Having true AI and knowing if we should give it the rights we give other sentient creatures is going to be problematic! Such a big chunk of the assumptions we make about where the value of human life comes from will likely not be true (like a being is unique, and can't be duplicated; a being is mortal; a being takes a lot resources to make and to sustain and therefore is a "sunk cost", a being is somewhere in this bell curve of general problem solving intelligence...)